NewsTiny brochure packs a big punch


RFM Seating makes a big splash with  a tiny product brochure

RFM Seating, a manufacturer of ergonomic office chairs, needed an impactful leave-behind to remind dealers to suggest RFM products to their customers. Since Defteling had already used a row of small chair photos (to imply the broad selection offered by RFM) on their product binder and price list, it was only natural to try to incorporate this line-up of chairs in other materials such as this leave-behind.

Using an accordion fold proved to be the perfect solution. Small in size, this 3.5" square brochure packs a big punch when unfolded to its full 28" length. Each panel showcases one style of chair with the back panel providing a basic price overview.

The response from the sales team has been overwhelmingly positive, causing the company to order a second print run within weeks of distributing this powerful mini brochure.

Tiny brochure packs a big punch

Good things come in small packages, as evidenced by this mini brochure – the use of an accordion fold and simple one-chair-per-panel design makes this a very effective leave-behind.